Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a fancy but long name for an active and intelligent dog breed. It is a short-legged yet powerful dog that usually weighs between 25 to 30 pounds. It has its origin in South Wales. Due to its stubby tail and shorter body, it is very easy to distinguish it from other dog breeds. Despite being small-bodied, a Pembroke Welsh Corgi is equipped with muscular thighs and a deep chest to making him a hardy working dog.

A Pembroke Welsh Corgi is a friendly and outgoing dog. As a result, it is an excellent companion hence can be kept as a family dog. You can feel safe when you have it around your children. It is also good with other pets. Since it is also an intelligent dog, training is easy. This dog breed is also people-oriented and will be eager to please you.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

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General Appearance

In terms of appearance, a Pembroke Welsh corgi is a low-set and sturdily built dog. This gives it the stamina to make it a very strong dog for its size. It also has an intelligent outlook and has a correct temperament that makes it good for people.

Its foxy head that features a fairly wide skull that is flat between the ears is what gives it its intelligent look. It’s nicely chiseled foreface is responsible for its tapered muzzle. Its neck is fairly long to give it a good overall balance.

They have a fairly thick coat that may be fawn, red, sable or black, usually with white markings on the neck, legs, chest, belly or muzzle. They have erect ears that make them be very attentive. Since they are vocal dogs, they tend at anything and everything. They have a strong herding instinct and hence if they lack proper exercise, they may herd the family.


Regarding the origin of the Pembroke Welsh corgi, there are several theories that have been put forward by experts. However, there is a general consensus that this dog breed dates back to the 10th century. One of the leading theories is that the dog breed was brought to Wales by Flemish travelers.

Another theory suggests that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi may have come from Sweden to South Wales. Either way, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi has been in Wales for more than 1000 years. They are a dwarf dog breed with short legs. Among the herding dog group, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi is the shortest.

There are some fairy tales about this dog breed. One of such is that the saddle markings on their backs exist because fairies used to ride them. They were developed in Wales where they served as herding dogs. They were also used as guard dogs and companion dogs.
There exist some similarities between them and the Cardigan Welsh Corgis. In fact, at one point, during the 1930s, they were once crossed. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi was very popular in Britain; it’s still is up to date. Queen Elizabeth II had a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. It was given to her by her father. They still hold a special place at the Buckingham Palace.

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