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Corgi Barking Too Much? Find Out Why and How You Can Stop It

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Corgis are beautiful dog breeds that are very vocal. Although they are very small in size, when it comes to barking, no other dog can beat them at that. Corgis have a tendency of barking at any new sight or activity that they may encounter. However, Corgi barking should not discourage you from getting one of these adorable, petite and fun dogs.

Why Do Corgis Bark So Much?

It is important for you to understand why Corgis bark a lot. It’s only after knowing what makes your Corgi to bark a lot that you can take measures to stop them from being a nuisance to you or your neighbors. Here are some of the reasons why your Corgi is too vocal.

Welsh Corgi dog Pembroke barks in park

Barking Is in Their Blood

Corgis were specifically bred to serve as herding dogs. These little fantastic dogs can herd cattle, sheep and goats. In fact, among the herding dog breeds, they are one of the best in the world. Their herding capabilities are impressive considering that they can control the movement of cows, some of which can be 70 times as large.

Corgis are able to do their jobs of controlling the movements of cattle in two ways. First, they nip at the heels of any cow that attempts to go astray. Second, they bark. Barking loudly is the only way they can attract the attention of cows that are bigger in size. Otherwise, if they stayed quiet, these cows may not even see them.

It’s not easy for a 20-pound dog to “push” a 2000-pound animal without being loud and aggressive. Their too much barking stems from their past instincts to bark at livestock.

It’s Their Way of Communication

A little girl sitting on a lawn whispering something into the welsh corgi pembroke's ear

Since they are very intelligent dogs, Corgis are great at communication. Their way of communication is through barking, unlike other dog breeds that may whine, howl or growl. There is nothing much you can do about the mode of communication that your Corgi uses. After all, which is part of their herding instincts, is something that has been ingrained in them.

For example, if your Corgi is feeling hungry, she will bark at you to get your attention. Once she has it, she will then lead you to where she usually eats from. If she wants to go out, she will bark at you while leading you to the door. That is just how Corgis communicate with people.

She Needs Some Exercise

Corgis are not one of those dog breeds that enjoy sitting pretty inside the house. They are full of energy and love to be active to burn out some of the energy.  If you keep your Corgi indoors and inactive most of the time, they will tend to bark in an attempt to let them go out. A dog that barks out loud constantly might be a bored dog.

The best thing about Corgis is that you can train them to stop barking when it’s not necessary. Let’s look at some of the tips on getting your Corgi to stop barking.

Necessary Tips to Follow When Training Your Corgi to Stop Barking

Welsh corgi pembroke puppy sitting with a stick in its mouth

Have Everything You Need Ready

Teaching your Corgi to stop barking frequently is like re-educating her. This is because she has to learn to go against her inbred instincts to keep quiet when you command her to. You will need several things to help you reinforce this new behavior on your dog.

Some of the things you will need include; treats, a mat that your dog will lie on while teaching her and a treat to reward good behavior. You will also need a leash, a collar and some balls that you can use for energetic walks.

Don’t Shout at Your Dog

You may get frustrated when your Corgi is barking a lot and disturbing your peace. As a result, you may feel like shouting at her to stop her noise. This will not work and may even encourage her to bark louder. You will end up more frustrated as a result.  

Don’t Leave Your Dog Alone in the Yard

You may be tempted to take your dog out of the house and leave her unattended in the yard as a way of punishing her for barking. Due to their highly territorial nature, your dog is likely to patrol your yard while on high alert for any opportunities to keep intruders off. She will end up barking even more when she sees someone pass by, even when the person is outside your compound.

5 Essential Techniques on How to Train Your Corgi to Stop Barking

Although getting your Corgi to completely stop barking, you can minimize the barking. Keep in mind that barking is not entirely bad. For example, you can know when someone is at your front door or if there is an intruder when your dog barks.

As a result, it would be good to first teach your Corgi to bark on command, before you can teach them to stop barking when you command them to keep quiet. You will have to be patient and consistent.

Bark on Command

Young female training puppy in park on grass

This method may seem counterproductive at first since you are aiming to minimize the barking. However, to successfully control your Corgi when they bark, you first have to train them to bark on command.

First, you will need to get your Corgi to bark. With Corgis, getting them to bark doesn’t take much. Making a loud noise or knocking on your front door will do the trick. As soon as your dog barks, you can praise them by calling out their names and saying something like “good”. You can also dish out a treat afterwards.

You should then move to associate the action of barking with the word “bark”. You can do this by saying the “bark” before you knock on your door again. Since Corgis are intelligent, they will learn the bark command soon enough.

The next time your dog barks out of control, you can apply the bark command to end the barking streak. This is because your dog will only produce a single bark before they expect a treat from you.

The Quiet Command

Girl training a corgi dog the quite command

After the barking command, next is the “quiet” command. To teach this command, you need to first use the bark command. Once you have made your dog to bark and given him a treat, you should firmly say “quiet” while he is still enjoying the treat. Once your dog is finished enjoying her treat, you should gently hold down your Corgi’s muzzle while saying the “quiet” command to reinforce the idea.

If your Corgi stops barking, make sure you praise him and give him a treat. If you repeat the process several times, your dog will be able to differentiate between the two commands in no time. You will be able to get your dog to keep quiet whenever they start barking over nothing.

Eliminate Boredom

Other than the bark and quiet commands, another way you can encourage less barking is by eliminating boredom. You can do this by playing with your dog. You can also take her outdoors for a walk. Letting her burn out the extra energy will make her bark less.

Mentally Stimulating Activities

Keeping your Corgi mentally occupied can also reduce boredom and other destructive behaviors like barking. Example of mentally stimulating activities for dogs include dog puzzles and dog exercises. You can try the Outward Hound Puzzle.

Alternative Strategies

There are many ways you can teach your Corgi not to bark. One of these alternative ways is by ensuring that you keep your dog busy in situations when you know she is likely to bark. For example, when someone knocks on the door or rings the doorbell, your Corgi will definitely bark. You can teach her to react in a less aggressive and quieter way. For example, you can train your Corgi to go to a rug in whenever there is a knock on the door.


Barking or not, owning a Corgi is worth the “hassle” there are never any dull moments. Although controlling Corgi barking may be pretty tricky, you reduce the piercing backs so that you can sleep comfortably. Just follow the tips above and within a few weeks, you will have managed to instill some discipline and calmness to your Corgi so that she doesn’t bark frequently.

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