Just like any other dog, your corgi needs good training so that you can have a good relationship with him. It’s best to start the training while your dog is still young. Since they are intelligent in nature, training your corgi should be a piece of cake. While training your corgi, you need to apply authority over him when they are still young. This is because corgis have a temperament that makes them tend to herd over animals and even humans. 

The first thing to train your corgi is their daily routine. You need to get your corgi well acquainted with your home. He needs to know where his food and water is as well as his bed. Your dog should also be trained on the right time to go to bed and the time it needs to wake up. It takes a week for a daily dog routine to be established. 

The next training to undertake is obedience training and crate training. You should also train your corgi on how to behave around humans and other animals. However, you can carry out training as your corgi gets older. Don’t forget housebreaking training for your corgi. Your corgi needs to know where and they can go to for their bathroom needs. 

Corgis are beautiful dog breeds that are very vocal. Although they are very small in size, when it comes to barking, no

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