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How to Groom a Corgi: Everything You Need to Know

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Whether your corgi is a Cardigan Welsh or a Pembroke Welsh, your dog is going to require regular grooming to keep their thick and beautiful coats in top condition. Due to their fluffy coats, they tend to shed quite a lot as compared to other dog breeds. As a result, knowing how to groom a Corgi will be very important if you don’t want to be frustrated with pet hair all over your carpet and furniture.

Corgis are a small dog breed. However, their petite build should not make you underestimate them since they are very active and powerful dogs. Cardigans and Pembrokes have a lot of similarities except for the shape of their heads and limbs. Pembrokes have a more wedge-shaped head shorter legs as compared to Cardigans. The appearance of a corgi tends to resemble that of a fox, because of their dark eyes and noses.

Why Grooming is Vital to Your Corgi’s Health

Welsh Corgi Pembroke overlooks the unpacking of grooming product.

There are so many reasons why your corgi needs regular grooming. Keeping them in great shape is just one of the reasons. However, several benefits come with grooming your dog. Grooming plays an integral role in your dog’s well-being.

Whether you take your corgi to a professional groomer or do it yourself, you should never forget how important a process it is for your dog. However, tackle the task on your own since it isn’t that difficult as most first-time groomers always think. After you read this article, you will see how easy a task grooming your dog on your own is. Here are the reasons why you should groom your corgi.

Prevents Ticks and Fleas

Infestations from ticks and fleas can take a toll on your dog’s health. These nasty pests can cause skin itching that will make your dog constantly scratch themselves. The scratching, coupled with excessive licking, will lead to skin injuries that may result in infections if not checked early enough.

If your dog excessively scratches one area, it will cause bald spots in that area due to hair loss. Regular bathing, which is part of grooming, will ensure that your corgi’s beautiful coat is free from these pests.

Eliminate Discomfort

Failing to groom your dog leads to tangles and mats on their coats. When your corgi’s coat gets matted, the hair will pull on the skin, leading to injuries. Your dog is also likely to pull the mats when she attempts to self-groom, which may cause sores. Brushing your corgi will eliminate the mats and stimulate new hair growth. Brushing your dog will also make her feel like she is getting a massage.

Protection from Feet and Joint Injuries

Grooming your dog is not only about brushing their coat. Grooming entails all hygiene routines that aim to keep your dog looking her best. Nail trimming is an essential part of grooming your dog. However, most dog owners usually overlook this important dog care procedure. Long nails are not only unhealthy but also uncomfortable for dogs.

First, overgrown nails will make it difficult for your dog to maintain her natural gait. As a result, your dog will be forced to change her gait by switching to the side of her feet to walk. Besides being painful, this change of posture will result in bone deformation. If left untreated, it may lead to arthritis.

Prevent Ear Infection

Cleaning your corgi’s ears regularly will keep ear infections at bay. Corgis tend to have hair growth around their ears. These hairs need to be plucked regularly. If left unchecked, the hairs can be a hiding ground for mites and other ear ailments.

Spot any Abnormalities

Grooming your dog allows you to get more familiar with her body and skin. If there is any sore or lump on the coat, you will notice it straight away. Detecting any disease or infection when it is still in its early stage is very important.

Your Grooming Tool Kit

Corgi dog with a box of accessories for bathing

Without the right set of tools, you will not get the best grooming results. Grooming your dog is not just about rolling up your sleeves and throwing your dog in the bathtub. Make sure that you have the following tools to your puppy grooming arsenal.

  • Brush and Comb – A brush is a must-have. You will need a brush to remove all the loose hair from the coat. A comb will come in handy when you want to detangle mats.
  • Dog Shampoo for Corgi – You will need a shampoo and a conditioner when bathing your dog. The shampoo will remove all the grime and dust from the skin and coat. A conditioner will nourish the coat to leave it smooth and silky. Avoid human shampoo and conditioners.
  • Nail Clipper or File
  • Toothbrush and Toothpaste
  • Eyewash
  • Ear Cleaner
  • Dog Blow Dryer – Since corgis have long coats, investing in a blow dryer will be very helpful. A blow dryer will make it a lot easier to dry your dog after a bath.

Getting Your Corgi Ready and Comfortable

It isn’t a good practice to go straight to grooming your dog after assembling your grooming toolkit. First, get your pooch comfortable with the grooming process. Make your dog calm or relaxed before you begin the process. The best time to groom your corgi is when they are worn out. This could be after a visit to the park or a training routine.

You can also play with your dog outdoors before grooming to work off that energy. Giving your dog a gentle massage can also help to calm her down and get her ready for grooming. You also need plenty of treats to keep your dog in the right mood. Without positive reinforcements, your dog may get disinterested in being groomed. 

The Grooming Process

Owner grooming and combing out his welsh corgi pembroke dog fur

These are the key grooming tasks that you should perform regularly for a happy, well-groomed, and healthy corgi.


Brushing is a very integral part of dog grooming. You cannot bathe your dog without first brushing her coat. Use a high-quality brush that will reach all the areas including the hidden parts where tangles tend to form. These areas include the armpits, behind the ears, and the areas between the legs.

Be gentle while brushing your dog to avoid injuring the skin. Stroke the brush to bring up the hair. Remove any fur that collects on the brush before proceeding to brush again. To avoid over-brushing, only take 15 to 20 minutes. To smoothen the coat, after deep brushing, you need a topcoat brush for a polished look.

Trimming the Nails

When you are done with your dog’s coat, the next grooming step is trimming the nails. Using a dog nail clipper, cut the ends of the nails. You have to be careful not to end up injuring the quick. Since the quick contains blood vessels, cutting it will cause bleeding which may result in infections. To prevent this, only cut the hook-shaped section of the nail that turns down.

There are high-quality clippers that are fitted with quick-guards to prevent you from cutting the nails too short. Since dogs are not used to getting their nails trimmed, you will need to take it slowly with your corgi. Once you are comfortable with cutting the nails, the whole process will become easier.


Although corgis don’t require baths more often, bathing your Corgi once every four weeks helps to remove excess oil from their skin. Bathing should come after brushing to remove any knots and tangles on the coat. Mats tend to tighten quickly and become more painful when wet. You can bathe your dog in the bathtub. However, if your corgi is still a puppy, bathing her in a sink would do.

Before you get your dog wet, put some cotton balls in their ears to prevent ear infection. Use lukewarm water to bathe your dog. Apply the dog shampoo on your corgi’s coat and gently massage it until you get a lather. Take care to avoid the shampoo getting into the eyes, unless it is a tearless shampoo. Rinse your dog well. Use a blow dryer and get your dog dry in minutes. Only use dryers that are specifically made for dogs.

Cleaning the Eyes and Ears

Veterinarians recommend that dogs’ ears and eyes should be cleaned at least once a month. Soak a cotton swab in mineral oil and use it to clean the areas outside the ears. Don’t attempt to clean inside the ear canals since it is very sensitive and delicate. To clean the eyes, use a moist cotton ball and gently clean away any dirt and eye discharge.

Brushing the Teeth

Some dog owners always overlook the importance of good oral hygiene for their dogs. However, it is very critical since even dogs usually suffer from dental issues if their hygiene is not taken care of. Regularly brush your dog’s teeth for good oral hygiene.

What you Must Know When Grooming Corgis

A welsh corgi pembroke dog, comb out with a special brush after shower in grooming salon.

Acquire an Ideal Dog Brush

In order to succeed in grooming your corgi, you can’t just use any type of brush. You must invest in a good quality brush that will handle the delicate skin of your dog. There are some poor quality types of brushes that will just do more harm than good on the skin of your corgi. So it is upon you to do you due diligence to go and acquire the ideal brush for your corgi.

Groom Your Corgi Weekly

You need to have a regular routine when it comes to taking good care of your corgi. Your corgi needs its skin combed in some regular routine, most probably per week. By combing your corgi’s skin on at least a weekly basis, you can expect your dog to be always in good shape.

Use the Best Shampoo to Bathe Your Corgi

When it comes to bathing your corgi to keep in good shape, you must always bathe him using some shampoo to keep his skin healthy. However, you must always use a good quality shampoo type that will ensure you keep him clean always.

Acquire a Perfect Vacuum

Once in a while, you must always use a vacuum on top of the other ways of keep his skin clean in good shape. However, not just any type of vacuum will work for you. Others may do more harm than good on your corgi’s skin. Make sure you shop around and carry out your research so that you can acquire the ideal one for your corgi.

Seek the Services of a Professional Groom

While it is allowed to take good care of your corgi by yourself, it makes more sense to at least seek the services of a professional groomer at least twice in a year. Such grooming services will make sure that anything that you cannot handle on your can be sorted out.Professional groomers will also help in setting for you the shape you want for your corgi.

Utilize the Best Conditioner

A good conditioner will always help in keeping the skin of your corgi at its top level. While there are several conditioners in the market, only a few will work best for your corgi. It is good practice to carry out your market research in conjunction with other corgi owners to ensure that you buy what works best for your corgi.

Bottom Line

In recap, corgis have a double coat and tend to shed a lot. They need to be groomed regularly for them to stay healthy and in good condition. According to experts, grooming has a positive influence on a dog’s physical and mental health.

At the end of each grooming session, always make sure that you reward your corgi with a treat. Giving treats will help to reinforce good behaviour so that next time you are grooming, your dog will be more cooperative. There you have it on how to groom a corgi. Feel free to ask any questions in the comment section below.

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