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Do Corgis Smell? A Comprehensive Guide on Why and How Corgis Smell

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It’s a well-known fact that dogs are good and friendly pets as they’re well-coordinated, lively and easy to groom. Even though there are different breeds of dogs, the majority of them enjoy being around us and are fast learners.

Of the numerous impressive breeds of dogs is the Corgi. The Corgis are special breeds of dogs easily recognized with their dwarfism and pretty short limbs. They’re lively, attention-seeking and great human companions. All in all, corgis are playful dogs you’ll never get bored with.

As enjoyable as keeping corgis is, you wonder if they ever smell like other dogs. Hence, the frequent question on the lips of corgis owners or those willing to keep one; do corgis smell?

Do Corgis Smell Bad?

Corgis, like every other dog, can sometimes be malodorous. Though compared to other dog breeds, they don’t emit offensive odor. Their somewhat low smell is due to their coat known to be resistive to dirt. They’re also known to shed fur often, allowing them to remain free from dirt.

Sometimes Corgis furry coat can be a disadvantage for them as they tend to release more fluid than other dogs due to physical activity. This leads to them emitting bad odors. However, there are other causes of bad smell in corgis beyond their nature. But, they’re still preferable in terms of bad smell compared to the majority of other dog breeds.

Reasons Your Corgis Smell Bad

Corgi Pembroke dog with a box of accessories for bathing

There are several reasons for the bad smell that your Corgi emits. These include natural traits, poor hygiene, infection, etc.

Below are some notable reasons why your corgis smell bad


This happens as a result of seasonal allergies, food allergies, or poor diet. Seasonal or food allergies cause skin inflammation in dogs generally. An inflamed corgis skin tends to cause some glands in the skin to secrete oil excessively. This condition added to the furry coat of corgis causes the serious offensive smell.

Poor diet, especially high concentration of carbohydrates, adds to the inflammation of corgis skin. Also, poor diet causes other infections like yeast infection, which can be a cause of bad smell in your four-legged companion.

The easiest solution to this problem is to visit a veterinarian for proper treatment. However, you can eliminate this problem by replacing the carbohydrate-rich feeds with protein-rich ones. Also, steering clear processed dog foods in favor of non-processed ones goes a long way in eliminating this problem.

Grimy Beds

Most corgis owners give their furry friends all the grooming; it needs only to forget taking care of its bedding. With corgis known to shed hair often, most owners prefer to have separate bedding for them. More often than not, when they shed their fur, they eliminate the dirt hanging in it too.

Hence, If the bedding is left unkempt, it starts to give bad smell due to the accumulation of dirt, which inevitably reflects on your corgis.

Ear Infections 

This isn’t a prominent issue in corgis as it’s usually a common feature in dogs with big, floppy ears like Springer Spaniels. But it does happen in some cases.

Ear infections are mostly caused by yeasts and bacteria. Corgis that have a good hormonal balance are fed with a healthy diet, and don’t have allergy problems. And are more likely to fight off ear infections.

The odor from ear infections is always powerful and annoying. If left untreated, it can cause temporary or permanent impairment to your Corgi’s ear.

Ear infections can be prevented by periodic cleaning of the ears. To avoid any form of accidents when cleaning, ensure you clean just the outer parts of its ears with a cotton ball soaked in apple cider vinegar. In the absence of apple cider vinegar, a dog ear rinse can also be used.

If the above action is performed and your Corgi’s ears remain infected, you need to contact a veterinarian for appropriate treatments.

Dental Infections 

This is usually caused by the presence of tartar and plaque on the Corgi’s teeth. Also, other causes of dental infections are gum disease and Gingival Hyperplasia. All of these diseases cause bad breath and sometimes painful gum.

It can be prevented by frequently cleaning your Corgi’s teeth. In a situation where the infection has manifest and causes severe pain to your corgis, you need to go to a veterinarian for treatment.

Anal Sacs

Anal sacs are the two marking glands on each side of your dog’s anus. It’s one of the well-known causes of bad smell in corgis. The cause of the unpleasant smell from these sacs is as a result of its location. Being around the anus, it sometimes accumulates smelly substances when your Corgis poop.

In some cases, these sacs get impacted. Impacted anal sacs cause a great deal of pain to your corgis. And also causes the secretion of some substances with bad odor. One common symptom of this infection is when your corgis constantly drag its bottom on the ground.

If you notice this infection on your corgis, you need to quickly get it to a veterinarian as anal sacs infection causes great pain. Further delay can cause abscesses and ruptures.

Passing of Strong Gas

The passing of gas, otherwise known as flatulence is a common thing in corgis. The real problem comes if it’s excessive and malodorous.

Oftentimes, it’s a result of your Corgi reacting to some components of its feed. It can also be a result of a medical condition such as intestinal problems.

Once you notice this condition in your corgis, you can talk to a veterinarian about possible diet change to something that’s probably fish-rich or free of grains. If the problem persists, it’s probably a medical issue that only a veterinarian can treat.

Wrap Up

Now you can go ahead and keep your Corgi’s neat and free of bad smell. I hope, with this guide, you won’t have difficulty in understanding why your Corgi smells bad and how to treat it.

Do you’ve experience rearing a Corgi? Let me know in the comments below right now!  

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