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Corgi Crate in 2020: Keep Your Corgi Safe and Happy with Their Own Crate to Sleep In

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Keeping your Corgi safe means a lot of different things.

It means making sure they have all of their shots and vaccinations. It also means that you provide them a safe and loving home.

One way to make sure that their home is safe is to have a safe place for them to go whenever they want or whenever you need them to.

A Corgi crate is a great way to get everything you’re looking for from the safety and security to a comfortable place to lay down. Not to mention protection for your home.

But just which one should you get?

Choosing the Right Dog Crate for Your Corgi

With so many different types of Corgi crates, you might feel a little overwhelmed. That’s okay. All you need to do is take a look at the different types of dog crates that we’re going to talk about. From metal wire crates and plastic crates to stylish wooden crates and soft-sided crates, we’ll take a look at just why you might want each of them so you can make the right choice for your Corgi.

Metal Wire Crates – Metal wire crates are great for just about any dog because they are secure but still allow your dog to get fresh air. Not only that but they are open enough that your dog can easily see what’s happening around them. That makes them feel a lot more comfortable. They also usually have two doors, they’re simple to clean, and they come in a size that’s convenient for your dog.

Plastic Crates – Plastic crates are typically light, which makes them great if you’re going to be transporting your Corgi anywhere. You can get a small one that fits them well and then carry it with you to your vehicle. This is actually a good idea for more skittish Corgi’s because the lack of visibility can actually help them feel more secure. They’re in a place they recognize (the crate) rather than being overwhelmed by everything else.

Soft-Sided Crates – These aren’t exactly crates the way you would normally think of them. Rather, these crates are somewhat like a personal shelter to keep them out of the sun when they’re outside or to give them a place to lay inside the house. They can be closed, usually with a zipper, but they can also be left open to let your Corgi have a comfortable bed or ‘room’ of their own.

Meta Heavy-Duty Crates – If you have a more destructive dog that likes to chew on things, you definitely deserve our sympathy. It happens. But that means you can’t leave your Corgi run free all the time or leave them in a standard crate. These heavy-duty crates are designed to keep the heavy chewers, diggers and more talented escape artists from getting out.

Stylish Crates (Wooden) – Wood crates can look like they’re part of your normal décor in the house, and they can be just as safe for your Corgi as well. They may have a primarily wood construction and then be accented in Metal, so they are more secure. They could also have removable sides or even tops so you can use it like a playpen for a child.

Best Metal Wire Dog Crate for Corgi

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate
Via Amazon.com

AmazonBasics Folding Metal Dog Crate

If you’re looking for something simple and easy that will still keep your Corgi safe and comfortable, this is a great way to go. It comes in a 36-inch size that’s great for your dog and has both a single and double-door option. You’ll also get a tray inside that makes it comfortable and super simple to clean. You can even put a soft bed inside the crate for your Corgi to lay on.

The handle at the top makes it easy to carry, and the fact that there are two slide-bolts for the door makes it more secure. When you’re not using the crate, you can easily fold it flat and store it anywhere. It’s also great for leaving in your home so your Corgi can get used to it and may even feel like it’s their own little room.

Best Plastic Dog Crates for Corgi

AmazonBasics Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier
Via Amazon.com

AmazonBasics Hard-Sided Pet Travel Carrier

If you’re the type always to want to be on the go and to take your Corgi with you, then this is a great option. It lets you load your Corgi in from the front or the top, whichever way is easier for your pup. Not only that, but it lets you switch the door between right and left for your convenience. Don’t let the plastic design fool you either. This crate is still secure and even comes with extra screws to make it more so.

Great for small breeds, the sides and top have plenty of holes throughout for air and the front features a wire door so your Corgi can see out, but only in one direction. For dogs that might have a little more trouble with travel, this lets them see you, but not necessarily where they’re actually going.

Best Soft-Sided Dog Crates for Corgi

Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets
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Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets

Available in several different sizes, this crate will feel more like their very own room. The lightweight nature of it makes it simple for you to take your Corgi anywhere and set up the crate. Plus it has a tightly woven fabric exterior for comfort and a steel frame for security. This crate actually has a mesh door, so it lets in all the air and lets your dog see out comfortably.

If you’re looking to set up a little space for your dog inside or outside your home, this is a great way to do it. And when you’re done with it for the day or for a while, you can fold it up and put it away. Next time, it unfolds and sets up just as easily. You’ll never need any tools to get it where you need it.

Best Metal Heavy-Duty Dog Crates for Corgi

ProSelect Empire Dog Cage
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ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Sometimes your dog might be the kind to get into a little bit of mischief, and that’s where this crate comes in. It’s made of thick steel tubes and 20-guage steel, so your dog won’t be able to bite through it. It also has a floor grate and tray, so it’s simple to clean, but they can’t chew through anything on the bottom either. Even better, it’s raised off the ground so they can’t dig.

The wheels make it easier for you to move, but can be locked to keep your pet in place. And the strong latches ensure your Corgi isn’t going to escape on their own. This is the type of crate you’re going to want if you really want to keep your pet secure and make sure they’re not going to get into any trouble while you’re away.

Best Stylish Dog Crates for Corgi

Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate
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Merry Pet 2-in-1 Configurable Pet Crate n Crate

If you’re looking for a stylish little pet crate that you can leave out all the time (and maybe even use as your normal end table), this is definitely the way to go. The wood crate has metal bars that allow your pet to clearly see what’s happening around them while still being safe and secure in their own crate. It has a tray inside you can clean easily or use to hold their own bed.

When you don’t need a crate, but you do need to keep your pet out of the way you can open up the entire thing as a gate instead. You’ll get twice the use out of this crate, and you’re going to love the way that it looks at the same time.

Why You Need a Corgi Puppy Crate

4 month old welsh corgi puppy in a crate during a crate training

There are several different reasons for you to consider using a crate for your puppy. While some people don’t like to use them, many dog owners will tell you that you should at least have one available at all times. And the reasons may actually surprise you.

A Safe Place

Your Corgi needs a safe place of their own to retreat to. After all, they’re going to get tired throughout the day and while they may like to cuddle with you or near you, having their own little ‘room’ to go to is a great thing for both of you.

All you have to do is set up their crate in a comfortable and cozy space and leave the door open. They’ll be able to wander in and out as they want and that makes the crate a whole lot easier to use when you need to. After all, if they like the space, you won’t feel bad about keeping them there when you leave.

Relaxing When Sick

Who doesn’t like to take a nap or cuddle up in their own bed when they’re sick? Well, it’s the same thing for your Corgi. When they’re sick or if they are injured, then they want to curl up in their own bed too. It’s their safe place, and it’s going to provide them with a feeling of comfort, normalcy and security.

By curling up in their crate, they can start to feel a little better just like you would with your favorite spot. This also keeps them from getting hurt even more if they are medicated or if they aren’t supposed to move too much. But they won’t feel like they’re being punished in the process.

Travelling Wherever You Want

Crates are a great way to transport your Corgi from one place to the next. It allows them to still have that comfortable place with a comfortable bed inside while you’re on the go. But at the same time, it’s going to keep them secure in one place. After all, these dogs tend to want to wander the vehicle if you don’t keep them in a crate.

When you need to travel on a plane or other mode of transportation besides your own vehicle, you may also need a crate to take your Corgi with you. A quality crate makes sure that they are safe during transport and also that they feel more comfortable with this new process or mode of travel.

For Training Purposes

When you get a new corgi puppy, they aren’t quite going to know how to act. They’re going to need a little help to do this, and when it comes to training, a crate can definitely help. You can teach them to go into the crate with treats and other rewards. You can also help them learn potty training with the use of their crate.

You want to try and avoid using the crate as a punishment, however. If you do, they’re not going to want to go back into the crate later, and they’re not going to see it as a comfortable or safe space. Instead, they’ll think they’re being punished for something every time you put them in the crate.

Protect What You Own

Puppies especially tend to chew on everything they can get their paws on. And that’s not what you want to come home to every day after work. Instead, putting your puppy in a crate keeps them from chewing on everything. It makes sure that what you do own is protected while you’re not around to do the protecting.

Also, if you take care to make their crate comfortable, you can make them feel better about going into it. That means they’re not going to mind being kept in the crate but you can still feel better about all of your belongings. It’s going to be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

What Size Crate for a Corgi

Corgi Puppy Dog Laying In Crate

When it comes to picking out a crate for your Corgi, it might seem even more difficult than picking out the type of crate. After all, they’re small dogs, but you don’t want them to feel trapped and confined in a tight space. Where you may be able to get a smaller crate for travel purposes, you want something with plenty of space to move around when they’re in the crate at home. So, you want to start by measuring your dog.

Length – The length of your crate should be the length of your Corgi from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail plus two inches. This is the absolute minimum space that you need and will allow your Corgi enough room to move around slightly.

Height – Next, measure the height of your Corgi from the floor to the top of their head. Then add about two to four inches so they can move their head around a bit more. This is going to give them enough space to move and to feel like they’re aren’t closed in.

Weight – The crate you choose should be able to hold the full weight of your Corgi plus some easily. Don’t get a crate that holds barely as much as your dog weighs or will weigh when they get to full weight. A Corgi should be approximately 30 pounds, so look for a crate for dogs about 25 to 50 pounds. If you know your Corgi is going to be smaller than average a crate for 10 to 25 pounds may suffice.

No matter which crate you choose, make sure that there’s enough room for your Corgi to move around a little but not so much room that they’re wandering or lost inside of it. If you have a puppy now, but you want to get a single crate for them even when they’re bigger, you can look for one that has an insert to keep it small for now but allow you to keep moving it out over time to get enough space as your Corgi grows.

Measuring Your Adult Dog for Their New Crate

Two welsh corgi pembroke dogs sitting in the back of the car in a cage

When it comes to picking out the right crate for your Corgi, you need to make sure that you measure them properly. For a fully-grown Corgi, this might actually be easier than if you’re trying to measure a puppy, but it’s still important to get something in the right size.

If you really want to make it easier on yourself, you may want to put your Corgi up against a wall and use chalk to mark their height and length. This will allow you to measure the marks you’ve made rather than trying to hold a tape measure up to your dog (who will likely be very interested in what you’re doing).

Length – You want to make sure you get your Corgi to stand up straight and tall when you’re starting the measuring process. They should be standing firmly on all four paws with their head up so you can get a good idea of their length. Make sure you measure from the tip of their nose to approximately the tip of the tail. You can then add a couple of inches for small dogs so that they can move around easily and comfortably.

Height – For the height you want your dog to sit upright. This will give you their full height so they can sit up comfortably in their crate. Measure from the floor all the way to the tallest point of your dog. This will generally mean the tips of their ears. You’ll want to add at least 2 inches and possibly up to 4 inches to the height so they can sit comfortably and not hit their head.

Make sure when you buy your crate, you get something that is at or close to those measurements. If you get something too much larger, your Corgi might feel uncomfortable and could actually be injured.

Getting the right crate for your dog means doing a lot of measuring and looking at what you and your dog expect out of the crate. You want to make sure that they are going to be comfortable and safe. You also want to make sure the crate is going to fit in wherever you need to keep it. All of that is going to make sure that you choose the right Corgi crate.  

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