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The Best Corgi Wheelchairs in 2020: Everything You Need to Know

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You may have never thought about needing a corgi wheelchair, but if you have a pet with disabilities or if you take in a rescue you might need to.

One good thing is that there are options for you and your puppy to get the help that they need. And there are plenty of ways to take care of getting them the tools they need.

The best corgi wheelchair is one thing that your puppy might need if they have trouble getting around on their own. But just how do you find one that’s going to work?

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Best Wheelchair for Corgi Overall: Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair
K9 Carts The Original Dog Wheelchair
Best Veterinarian Designed Wheelchair for Corgi: K9 Carts The Original Dog Wheelchair
Best Friend Mobility Medium Dog Wheelchair
Best Lightweight Material Wheelchair for Corgi: Best Friend Mobility Medium Dog Wheelchair
Homend Adjustable Dog Wheelchair
Best Wheelchair for Puppy Corgi: Homend Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

Best Wheelchair for Corgi Overall

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair
Via Amazon.com

Walkin' Wheels Dog Wheelchair

If you’re looking for something that will help your corgi get around easily then you’re definitely going to want to look closely at this wheelchair. It’s actually moderately priced and fits dogs that are all different sizes. That’s because you can get one of several different sizes for the weight limit and leg length. Plus, you can choose from different colors to get something that your dog is going to like.

With this wheelchair you just strap your dog in and it provides them with just the right level of support. Because it’s made with aluminum it’s not only durable but still lightweight, so it doesn’t slow your dog down at all. Plus, it can easily be carried along in your vehicle if you decide to head out to the park for that next walk. You’ll love that it’s vet approved and comfortable even for longer distances.

Best Veterinarian Designed Wheelchair for Corgi

K9 Carts The Original Dog Wheelchair
Via Amazon.com

K9 Carts The Original Dog Wheelchair

If you have a puppy you want to make sure that they have the best possible tools and equipment for anything that they might need. That includes a wheelchair if they need one. Well, this one is actually designed by veterinarians, which means you’re getting something that really does work exactly for your dog. It’s lightweight, made with aircraft grade aluminum, which means that your small dog won’t have a problem pulling it around.

With this wheelchair you’re getting something that’s small, low-profile and simple to attach around their upper body. Then, when they’re done with it, you can remove it and store it away. Tested in an orthopedic veterinary hospital and made in the USA, you’ll have your choice of different sizes to fit your corgi or any other dog that you might have in your care.

Best Lightweight Material Wheelchair for Corgi

Best Friend Mobility Medium Dog Wheelchair
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Best Friend Mobility Medium Dog Wheelchair

When you have a small dog you don’t want them pulling around anything that’s going to be too heavy. That’s why you want to look for a wheelchair that’s going to be small and convenient for them. This one is exactly that. It’s made with an aluminum frame, which means that it’s lightweight and it won’t rust. Not only that but the frame is adjustable so it fits your dog, no matter their size. Even better, it has a neoprene harness to keep your dog comfortable.

When you’re ready to take your dog for a walk you just attach them to the harness and they’ll be ready to go. There’s even a sports harness that makes it easier for them to run and play without even noticing the wheelchair. It’s been tested by orthopedic veterinarians and surgeons so you know you’re getting something that will really work, and keep your dog happy every time you hit the park (or anywhere else you want to go).

Best Wheelchair for Puppy Corgi

Homend Adjustable Dog Wheelchair
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Homend Adjustable Dog Wheelchair

When it comes to puppies you want to be even more careful about the type of wheelchair that you choose. That’s because their body is still developing and you want to provide them with the level of support that they need as they grow. With this wheelchair you’re going to get not just the regular wheelchair but also a belly band that fits around their middle to help give them the support that they need.

This adjustable wheelchair is lightweight and made with aluminum so it won’t rust. It also has an adjustable harness so it fits snugly but not too snug for your dog. Plus the harness is 3D, which means that it has plenty of comfort and padding for longer walks. You’ll also get a leash so you can keep your dog right by your side, no matter where you choose to head off to for the day.

The Importance of Wheelchairs for Corgis

When it comes to using a wheelchair with your corgi there are plenty of things that you want to pay attention to. And in fact there are several reasons that your corgi might actually need one of these chairs. In general it’s because they need a little bit of assistance moving, but sometimes your dog could actually face paralysis.

  • Old age
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Spinal issues
  • Slipped disc
  • Paralysis

It’s possible that your dog could end up in a wheelchair permanently because of any of these conditions or problems. On the other hand, it’s possible that they may only need the wheelchair temporarily. But no matter how long they need it, the situation is not going to be easy for them.

If your dog suddenly needs to use a wheelchair after they’ve been getting around fine (or reasonably fine) on their own it can be difficult, but having the right wheelchair can actually make it easier. That’s because having a good quality wheelchair means your dog can still run and play the way they’re used to (or close to it at least). The more they can continue their normal life the more they’re going to be able to ignore the wheelchair.

The key is keeping your dog active and making sure that you’re watching out for their mental and physical health. Keep them doing as much as they can with the wheelchair, so they can see that they still get to enjoy their life and still be active and have fun. This is going to help improve their mental state over the short term and definitely over the long term. They’ll eventually not even worry about that wheelchair anymore.

What Your Corgi Wheelchair Needs

A corgi in a dog wheelchair

Are you ready to start looking for a wheelchair that your corgi can use either on a short-term or long-term basis? Well then, you’re going to want to know about some of these facts. Like, you need to know what they’re going to be using that wheelchair for. Of course they need it to get around, but is your corgi going to be doing anything rough? If so, they need a more durable chair.

The truth is, something that’s highly durable is generally going to be the best option even if you don’t plan on a more rough and tumble experience for your dog (such as older dogs who may not play as hard anymore). That way the chair will last longer and it’s going to stay in good shape so your dog can continue to rely on it for a long time to come.

Aluminum is a good option for a durable but lightweight chair, which is important because corgi’s are small dogs. You want something that they can easily pull around so it interferes as little as possible with their daily life. Plus, aluminum doesn’t rust so you don’t have to worry about the next time you get caught outside in the rain. You can just bring it in, wipe it down and be just fine.

You’re going to want to look at the wheels on your wheelchair too. If they have foam or rubber inside of them you’re going to be better off because that means you can rest a little easier. After all, if your corgi runs over something while they’re walking you don’t want to be worried about putting a hole in their tires. These materials help the wheelchair move more smoothly and still protect against flats.

Finally, make sure that the chair you choose is adjustable. Just because you have a corgi doesn’t mean it’s exactly the same size as any other corgi. You want your wheelchair to fit your dog specifically and that means the length of the wheelchair should be adjustable and the harness should definitely be adjustable. That way, you can take your dog for longer walks without them getting uncomfortable.

The Top Wheelchair Features

corgi sitting on dog wheelchair runs a park

Let’s take a little closer look at some of the most important features before you jump into trying to pick out a good wheelchair.

Type of Wheels – First, look for wheels that are a little bit larger and have a deep tread. These are wheels that are designed for outdoors. They will still work inside the house, but they’ll also be good for rough ground or even softer materials like sand and dirt.

Adjustability – You want your dog to be comfortable and that means the wheelchair and the harness that you put them in needs to be adjustable. You want to make sure that you can cinch it down or expand it out a little if your dog isn’t the exact same size as a standard corgi (and whose dog actually is?).

Weight – Look for something that’s going to be light so your dog won’t mind so much that they’re going to be pulling it around all day. You want aluminum or something like it because it’s going to make it easier for your dog to feel comfortable with and move around wherever you want to go.

Collapsible – While this may not be as important with a corgi wheelchair it’s still something to consider. After all, if you’re going to transport the wheelchair around you need to be able to store it easily and pack it up. If it folds down that’s going to be a whole lot easier.

Number of Wheels – Do you have two wheels or four wheels? If your dog only needs support for their back legs then you can get a two-wheeled chair that will give them the support. If they need a little help with all of their legs because of a bit of weakness then a four-wheeled option is important.

Questions You Need to Know

How does a dog wheelchair actually work?

A dog wheelchair works in much the same way that a standard wheelchair does. It provides a little extra support for your dog so they can continue to be mobile even when their legs don’t work quite as well as they used to. This is important for dogs with weak legs or paralysis. The chair helps to support their legs.

Should I get a wheelchair for my corgi?

If your dog seems to struggle getting around without help or if they are partially (or completely) paralyzed or even if they have weak legs then a wheelchair may be a good idea. You’ll want to talk with their veterinarian to find out more about whether a wheelchair will benefit them.

How much will it be to get a dog wheelchair for Corgi?

These types of wheelchairs are actually inexpensive overall. Because the wheelchair is relatively simple and small you can get them as low as $70 but they can cost up to $500 or more, depending on the specific type of wheelchair you get and any features or sizes.

What do I need to know about caring for a paralyzed Corgi?

A paralyzed Corgi is going to need a little more attention and care than a completely healthy dog so it’s important to pay attention to this. They may also have some incontinence, which means that you may need to clean up around the house more frequently or take them outside a lot more often. For some dogs, incontinence isn’t the issue but actually being able to go to the bathroom is. You may need to help them with this.

Another important thing to keep an eye on are pressure sores, injuries and abrasions that may occur in areas where your dog is paralyzed. Because they can’t feel these areas they may not notice the problem, but that doesn’t mean that those injuries can’t become very serious. It’s up to you to make sure you notice them right away and treat them as well.

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