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Corgi Raincoat: Keep Your Puppy Warm and Dry

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Protecting your new puppy means a whole lot of different things. You want to make sure you have a leash, for one thing.

Having a good collar for your dog is important too. And tags so they can be easily identified.

But what about protecting them in different ways? Like keeping them dry from the rain? That’s where you need a corgi raincoat.

Best Corgi Raincoat Overall

If you’re looking for the average raincoat for your corgi you’ll want to take a look at this option. This is where you’re going to get the basics covered and your little puppy is going to be well protected from the rain with a sleek coat that looks cute at the same time.

Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat
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Ellie Dog Wear Yellow Zip Up Dog Raincoat

This raincoat comes in several different sizes to get the perfect fit for your corgi and it has a double layer design that makes it easier to put on your dog. Not only that but it’s got several different pockets so you can store smaller items right with your dog.

If the rain starts kicking up a little more you can flip up the hood and you can even attach your harness right through the jacket. Made to fit different dog breeds and quality inspected to make sure each one is going to help your dog get through a less-than-ideal day, this jacket is a great all around option.

Best Corgi Raincoat for Light Rain

When it comes to light rain you don’t want to be turned off from your normal daily walk, but you still want to help keep your dog dry. So, you want something that’s going to be cute, light and still keep the rain off so they stay comfortable.

HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho
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HDE Dog Raincoat Hooded Slicker Poncho

Available in several different sizes and colors or patterns, this jacket slips easily around your dog and protects them from the weather. It is completely waterproof and made with polyester so it’s lightweight but still great for keeping them dry.

The material itself is reflective and has a strip around the waist so they’re easy to see no matter the conditions. There’s also an adjustable belly strap to keep your dog covered but comfortable. Small enough to pack easily and complete with a hood, this is a great option for any dog.

Best Corgi Raincoat for Heavy Rain

When the weather gets rough you may still need to take your dog outside, but you don’t want them to get wet. After all, who wants the smell of wet dog or them jumping all over your furniture? With a raincoat specifically designed for heavy rain you’re going to keep them better protected.

OCSOSO Pet Dog Slicker Raincoat
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OCSOSO Pet Dog Slicker Raincoat

This raincoat is large enough to cover your dog practically from the tip of their nose to the tip of their tail and that’s going to keep them dry and comfortable no matter how long they have to be outside. What’s even better about this raincoat is that it’s loose, so it’s more comfortable for your dog to move around.

There are several reflective stripes on the coat to make sure they’re safe when out in the dark or rain. There’s also a pocket to store smaller items in and a hood to cover their heads. Available in several sizes and colors, this jacket even gives you a space for their leash to go through for easy movement.

Best Corgi Raincoat for Full-Body Coverage

Keeping your corgi well protected means that you want something to cover all of their body. Luckily, your corgi is small and that’s easy to do with a raincoat. This option is one that’s designed to keep them dry as close to 100% as possible.

Topsung Dog Raincoat with Hood Poncho Transparent Rain Coat
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Topsung Dog Raincoat with Hood Poncho Transparent Rain Coat

This raincoat is actually completely see through, so you can see your dog at all times without the coat getting too bulky. It also has a little bit of accent color to give it some style. What’s most important, however, is that it covers your dog from head to tail and even covers their legs for added protection.

The belt around the waist makes it fit better and the lightweight nature means that your dog isn’t going to mind wearing it. Not only that but it’s small enough that you can take it with you wherever you go and use it when needed without worrying about where to store it.

Best Corgi Raincoat for Fashion

Want to make sure that your dog looks good even when you’re trying to protect them from bad weather? Well then you’re going to want a fashionable raincoat and you’re at the right section for that. So you can combine function with style.

Ethical Pet Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat for Small Dogs
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Ethical Pet Fashion Pet Dog Raincoat for Small Dogs

This raincoat comes in several different sizes and colors to make sure you get a good fit for your dog. Not only that but it’s made with 100% polyester to make it waterproof. It also has a belt around the waist to make sure you get the ideal fit for your dog when you head out.

The cute hood and overall design help your dog stay dry but also make them look great and there are reflective strips to make sure they’re easy to spot. With this coat they’ll be comfortable and dry. And you’ll be happy that there’s a worry free guarantee included with this jacket.

Best Raincoat with Reflective Strip for Corgi

If you want to keep your dog safe one of the most important things you need to do is have reflective strips on everything that you take them out in. If you’re taking them out in a jacket or on a leash it needs reflective accents and that’s what this jacket does.

KOOLTAIL Dog Raincoat Hooded Jacket
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KOOLTAIL Dog Raincoat Hooded Jacket

With this jacket your dog is going to have something that looks cute but also keeps them better protected against the weather. It’s a plaid jacket, available in several different sizes to get a great fit. It also has great coverage, including a hood to keep their head dry.

With this jacket there are also several reflective straps around the hood and the waist to make sure no one is going to miss them. It’s also easy to put on because it’s lightweight and uses Velcro to attach. So your dog won’t have any problem wearing this one for a walk.

Why Do You Need a Dog Raincoat?

So, just why should you be putting a raincoat on your dog? There are several different reasons that these coats can be a great idea, and it’s not all about rain.

Keep your dog dry. Okay, I said they weren’t all about rain. But some of it is about rain. This type of coat is going to help your dog stay dry when the rain kicks up, whether it’s just a little sprinkle or a downpour (depending on the jacket you choose, of course). These are great for dogs that don’t want to get wet or when you don’t want them to get wet.

Keep your dog clean. If they’re not splashing around in puddles and getting that mud and wet all over them they’re definitely going to be cleaner. So, even if the rain has stopped a good raincoat can help keep your dog from getting a whole lot of mess all over their fur.

Keep your dog warm. When the weather isn’t ideal and starts cooling down, either with the rain or not, you’re going to want a way to keep your dog warm and a raincoat can do that. This is great for wind as well, which can put your dog at risk of hypothermia, even if you don’t think it’s that bad.

Keep your dog visible. When you’re walking you want to make sure that everyone can see your dog and a raincoat (or any coat really) will help with that. They’re usually bright in color but even more importantly they have reflective strips that will help others see where your dog is at all times.

Keep your dog looking cute. All right, your dog looks cute anyway, but a raincoat can be a cute addition to make them look even more cute.

What to Consider in a Dog Raincoat

When you’re trying to choose the right raincoat for your dog you want to make sure you’re looking at all of the different features and we’re going to take a look at just what you need to know and what’s going to help your dog stay warm, dry and comfortable, no matter what might be happening outside.

Hood/collar – This is going to be a great way to protect your dogs face from water. After all, even dogs who don’t mind walking in the rain tend to balk a little at the water on their face. This will help your dog feel a little better and keeps them more comfortable overall.

Leash access – Just because your dog is wearing a raincoat doesn’t mean that you can skip out on a leash. They absolutely still need one of these as well. So, look for a raincoat that’s going to let you attach a leash or harness through it.

Secure attachment – When you attach the coat you want it to secure in some fashion. This might be buttons, snaps, Velcro or any other type of closure but if it doesn’t have one at all you’re going to have a harder time actually getting any use out of it. If there’s no closer it might fly off or flap open. If it just pulls over it might be hard to get on your dog.

Reflective straps – These straps or stripes might be directly in the jacket or they might be part of the belts or additions. No matter what you want to have a couple of these stripes to make sure your dog is highly visible while wearing their coat.

Liner – If you live in a warm climate you may only need a light raincoat but if you live somewhere that the rain can be accompanied by a chill then a liner is a great way to go. These will help you not only keep your dog dry but also warm.

No matter what you’re looking for the most important thing is to keep your corgi warm, dry and comfortable during all of your walks. All you need is the right raincoat to help you.

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