Corgi Essentials: Are You Ready For Your New Best Friend?

Before you bring your new corgi home to dwell in your home it is important to have the equipment ready to go. You’ll need many things like a corgi dog collar, lead, toys and bedding along with the essentials of food and watering units. Below you’ll see some ideas as to what you should be looking for when shopping for your new furry friend and how they will prepare you for their arrival.


When bringing your new dog home you will want to have a crate ready. Putting your new corgi in a crate on the car trip home and also having it at your house will allow your dog to have an initial point of familiarity. It may even turn into a long term location for your corgi to get away and take a nap or a place you can feel comfortable leaving your pooch when you have to leave.

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When using a crate it is important to try and keep it comfortable. Getting soft bedding will help your new companion with coping with the change from being near other dogs to being the only one in the crate. Make sure you monitor the condition of it as early on you will likely have accidents or your corgi will start scuffing or chewing through some of the material.

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Dog Toys

Toys are a must for a corgi and going without could be detrimental to the emotional state of your corgi and the physical state of items in your house. Be sure to use durable chew toys with corgis as they are aggressive chewers for dogs and will destroy stuffed toys fairly quickly. Other common toys that should be avoided are squeaker toys as corgis can rip out and swallow the rubber piece, natural bones which can splinter, and rawhide which becomes mush on your floors. 

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Walking your corgi is one of the things new pet owners think is one of the biggest adventures of the changing household. For corgis the leads that are made of nylon weave are going to be the best as they are extremely difficult to chew through. Standard rope style leads will get shredded by your dog and chain styles will either be too flimsy or too heavy to properly walk with. After a while switching to a flexible lead may be an idea if your corgi is trained.

Collar and Harness

Having your dog registered is a requirement in most areas and as such having a collar on at all times is important. Just like in your lead nylon weave collars allow you to find a good fit on the dogs neck and will last a while. It is not recommended to use choke collars for anything but specific training but be sure you understand how to use them.

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Food and Water Dishes

Having bowls ready for food and water will ensure your corgi feels welcome in their new home. In fact if you plan on having your corgi outside for periods of time you will want two separate sets so you can keep one inside and another out. Getting stainless steel bowls may cost more upfront but will last a lot longer as they can’t be chewed and are easily cleaned. 

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Grooming Tools

One of the big wow factors of corgis are their beautiful coats. Your dog will thank you when you’re brushing them, bathing them, and clipping their nails properly. You should keep any cloth you use to keep your dog clean separate from the rest of your laundry so they have a dedicated set. 

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Beyond the Basics

Outside of that you will want to look at baseline medication like flea and tick prevention items, having an appointment with a veterinarian to ensure all shots are up to date and to get any recommended medication, and having items ready to clean up accidents. If your corgi isn’t house trained yet you’ll learn quickly that you need to have supplies on hand to take care of the mess. Flea and tick prevention, along with recommended medication will ensure your corgi grows up to have a long and happy life.

Overall, it doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might think to get ready for your new corgi. Instead, you just need a few basic pieces of equipment and you’re going to be more than ready to go in no time. And your new puppy is going to love your home. 

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